What's happening in the world of ceramic tiles?

Read on to discover the latest trends and design tips from County Tiles.

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County Tiles in Guildford identifies the new trends in design and decoration.

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County Tiles in Guildford brings the modern touch to one of design's oldest techniques.

Mosaics bring a softly textured, unique charm to today's interiors. This season has seen home owners, designers and architects using mosaics not only in bathrooms and kitchens but also in bedrooms, either on one wall or in a zoned format. Mosaics are placed around headboards, as frames for fireplaces and mantels, and incorporated with ceramic countertops and floor tiles, the options are endless.

Waxman Ceramic

Add a colourful touch
Mosaic tiling can have a striking visual effect on a room and it doesn't have to come at a hugely expensive price. When renovating a room, a backsplash, or creating a special accent with mosaic tiles can completely transform the whole look. Instead of purchasing new counters or a new bathroom suite, why not revamp a room with a colourful mosaic pattern surrounding a mirror, or as a border on the walls, or around the bath?

Light and drama
Mosaic tiles are becoming a more modern, upscale alternative to standard ceramic tiles. They are available in an exciting palette of colours, designs, textures, shapes and styles. Colour pigments are created underneath the glass, allowing for light-reflecting elegance.

Island Passion Ellipse by Porcelanosa

The most popular mosaic tiles currently available are fusion blends of glass, stone, marble and metal all in the one tile. The mix of all these elements creates the light reflecting effect of glass with the natural and luxurious elements of stone and marble, perfect for sophisticated home decor.

Mosaic tiles have made it possible for us all to add a classic Mediterranean or stylishly modern element to our homes, with limitless opportunities for striking and creative expressions that you will want to show off.

County Tiles showcases a fabulous range of glass tiles and splash backs.

  County Tiles showcases a fabulous range of glass tiles and splash backs.

Rupert Scott- fabulous handcrafted textures

Why have the same as everyone else? Make your home feel truly unique with County Tiles' striking new range of beautifully handmade glass tiles and splash backs from specialist award winning glass company, Rupert Scott- fabulous handcrafted textures, colours and designs with a top quality, luxurious feel. Contemporary glass splashbacks from County Tiles create an unmissable 'wow factor' in any kitchen or bathroom. Each one is made to measure to specific requirements so your decorative panel can be placed anywhere in the house. The smaller handmade glass tiles 'like little jewels' can be interspersed among plain tiles for a personalised decor, or used as a border to create a dazzling effect. County Tiles has an impressive range on display; pop in and see them today!

How are they made?
These glamorous glass tiles and splashbacks are created from a handmade base glass imported from Poland, which is then cut to size for each individual product.

Rupert Scott tiles

Rupert Scott- fabulous handcrafted textures

Depending on the overall design of the tile, each one could consist of up to 5 layers of the base glass. These basic layers are then enhanced by specialist coloured glass enamel, which is carefully applied by hand in various mixtures and patterns. Following this, the tiles are fired in a kiln at strictly controlled temperatures. It is essential that the kiln heats to the correct temperatures and cools at particular rates to prevent the glass from cracking. During the kiln-firing process the glass layers and colour enamel fuse together trapping tiny air bubbles inside giving a unique intensity of colour and depth. These products are slightly thicker than standard tiles and splashbacks so not only will they stand out from existing tiled or painted walls, the extra depth enables light to pass through the decorative feature from the sides, highlighting the colours and textures within. Rupert Scott has created eight striking collections for splashbacks and seven design collections for glass tiles. So if you're looking for a new twist of excitement to your home decor and to be envied by all your neighbours, visit County Tiles showroom in Guildford and be inspired by the large selection of contemporary handcrafted glass tiles on offer.


Popular, retro, fun and glamorous.
Tiles boasting bold colours, geometric shapes, and patterns. County Tiles
simply can't believe their eyes.

This fabulous new range at County Tiles adds a totally new dimension to tiling. Original Style have developed an exciting collection of Pop Art tiles comprising ten ultra bright glossy colours and seven patterns, everything you could possibly need to create a work of art.

Let your imagination run completely wild and mix and match these tiles in all the colours of the rainbow to create something truly unique. From a whole room to just a feature wall or panel, residential or commercial settings, from a kitchen to a bustling bar in the heart of town, these tiles will have a show stopping effect.


field tile

Field Tiles
Brilliantly glossy 152mm x 152mm square tiles and half size tiles in ten different colours, plus two modern mouldings to create borders or more intricate patterns. Select just one colour for a polished display or mix up the colours for a more dramatic finish. These tiles are the basic ingredients for creating a true masterpiece!

County Tiles have all ten colours on display so pop in and see them today!

These tiles look fabulous on a feature wall. The circle pattern repeats itself over and over across the wall and will keep eyes staring and minds boggling for ages. Will you be able to tear your eyes away from County Tiles 'Funkadelic' displays?

funkadelic tile

Vertex creates an optical illusion from the reactive glaze process used in production. It will add a totally new dimension to any room. Will your optical illusion incorporate purple and orange, red and green or black and white? The choice is endless!

Crocodile print on your shoes and handbag? Now you can match it to your home decor! County Tiles love this upbeat 'Crocotile' design made using an ingenious reactive glaze process.

And if 'Crocotile' isn't enough County Tiles now houses the 'Reptile' Pop Art design. Again, similar to 'Crocotile', the textured surface has been created using the reactive glaze process and will look great as a back drop in a lively kitchen or bar area.

Groovy stripe
Create a totally 'groovy' look in your home or work place by laying 'Groovy Stripes' vertically and horizontally.

groovy tile
To see this amazing, ultra modern Pop Art collection with your own eyes, pop in and see us at County Tiles.


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